About Bio’c

President and Representative Director Yuichiro Murai

President and Representative Director Yuichiro Murai

Brief personal history

Kuroban Moyashi Honpo "Kojiya Sanzaemon", the originator of the Tane-koji(seed koji) industry with 600 years of proud history and tradition, was separately established in Toyohashi by Toyozo Murai, the second to last honorary chairman from Kyoto in 1965. Later in 1970, business rights were transferred from the head office in Kyoto. In 1992, the current chairman Soichiro Murai established the new company, Bio'c, a research and development company that has continued down to today.

I would like to express my appreciation for everyone's support, understanding, and blessings over these many years. I became president in 2014, and business has continued here in Toyohashi, preserving the traditions inherited from Kyoto. I am deeply grateful to all.

We have worked with microorganisms through the field of brewing since olden times. With the accumulation of technological innovations over the years, the path to the effective use of microorganisms not only in brewing, but also in many fields, has opened up. In addition to offering useful microorganisms to the field of brewing, cultivation techniques created through years of tradition and daily innovation, we will continue to devote our unrelenting efforts toward forward advancement of the company which will widely contribute to society through technology. We thank you for your continued patronage now and in the future.